Gratuities are Included
Your Premium Drink Package is FREE on The Landsharks Cruise and includes virtually unlimited cocktails, beer, wine, and soft drinks!
Gratuities are included!
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Premium Beverage Package
Premium Beverage Package for 1st and 2nd guests in each stateroom.
Adult premium Beverage Package will be provided to guests one and two in each cabin as long as they are 21 years old or older.
Guests 1/2 who are under this age will be provided the soda package.
 WHAT DRINKS/BRANDS ARE INCLUDED WITH FREE OPEN BAR (PREMIUM BEVERAGE PACKAGE)? There are a variety of spirits and cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to $15 for guests to choose from. Open Bar (Premium Beverage Package) also includes fountain soda, juice and non-alcoholic beers. Premium Plus Open Bar Package available for an additional fee. 
 ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS ON THE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOLIC DRINKS THAT CAN BE ORDERED WITH THE FREE OPEN BAR (PREMIUM BEVERAGE PACKAGE)? There is no limit to the amount of drinks consumed under the promotion, however guests who choose to consume alcohol must do so responsibly. The ship’s staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any guest who does not consume alcohol responsibly.
Your Landsharks Cruise Ticket includes:
 FREE OPEN BAR PACKAGE *There are some exceptions 
 FREE DINING *There are some exceptions

Gratuities and Service Fees are included

Port charges are included

Taxes Are Included
 Free WIFI is included! * one device at a time, per cabin

A $75 On-Board Credit is included

9 Nights of PRIVATE Concerts is included

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